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Untold Stories 

To celebrate our incredible community, 'Untold Stories' is a series focusing on sharing the stories of the men who inspire us.

Chapter 1 focuses on Brown City's thematic; the place of a Black man in today's society.

Thanks to  Courtney James, Muneyi Romeo, Musa Jaiteh, Xtian Shengen, Badara Ndiaye and Caleb Kunle for trusting us to share your voice, it is truly an honour.

Join us next week to find out how they inspire their communities.



Videographer: Edward Lomas Kipps

Model: Martin King

Music: Eli A Free

Chapter 1

The first question we have asked these great men is: "How do you make a space for yourself wherever you feel at home? How do you make yourself seen? How do you make yourself heard? What do you do that makes you feel authentic? Do you feel accepted? Do you feel valued?"

Chapter 2

The second question we have asked them is: "How do you inspire your community? What do you do to inspire the next generation? Through activism or your line of work, or your family, friends or community?”

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