Christèle Mbosso

Founder & Creative Director

I was born and I grew up in Switzerland, raised in half Congolese half Angolan family.

After my baccalaureate, I went to London to study Fashion Design. During my final year, I went through the arduous task of inventing and conceptualising a brand to successfully produce a detailed business plan along with a collection. This is where the adventure started.

Since I graduated, I have been working with my business partner (my sister) on the business plan and the brand. My aim with this brand, is to eventually help and support African communities through my passions. I am truly inspired by the beautiful, sometimes forgotten, cultures and skills of the African continent. I am fascinated by what sets the continent apart and makes it this incredibly beautiful cultural treasure hunt.

I hope that Maison Mbosso will not only support multiple communities across the continent, but also reinforce the authentic identity of the African man; The Maison Mbosso man.