Nataal Media

Published on 27/05/2020

Nataal is a media brand and creative studio dedicated to diverse storytelling around African fashion, visual arts, music and culture.
Originally founded as a digital platform back in 2015 Nataal Media was one of the few publications totally dedicated to both homegrown African talent and diaspora.
“We want to collaborate with the fresh generation of thinkers and doers who embrace a multidisciplinary,
cross-cultural approach to shining a glorious light on the continent and its diaspora in the very broadest sense. We want to bring creatives together to make special and uplifting
work that you won’t see anywhere else. Nataal is for anyone who wants to immerse themselves
in the abundant energy coming from African-inspired visual arts, fashion, and music. Nataal Media in Dazed Digital, Dominic Cadogan, October 2018