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Our philosophy


At Maison Mbosso, we try our best to get fabrics and trims that are sustainable and ethical.

All our denim, leather and polyester are recycled, the rest of our cotton is organic and we use bamboo and tencel for most of our jerseys.

We make sure our prints and dyes are also sustainable by using companies or artisans who put sustainability at the forefront of their businesses. For example, limiting their water waste to the minimum.

We take our ethical responsibility very seriously. We will not associate with any businesses or factory that doesn't meet with our ethical and sustainable guidelines.

At the moment, we source most of our African fabric and trims through 'The African Fabric Shop’.


Magie and Bob own this wonderful shop in Yorkshire. Because of their developed passion for African textiles, they have been able to maintain their business for over two decade. They cultivate that passion by travelling to Africa a couple of times a year to visit their suppliers, who they also consider their friends now.


When in Africa, they buy their products, always at a fair price for their supplier, and bring them back to the UK to sell.

The African Fabric Shop is our main supplier here in the UK. A couple of products have been supplied through our own travels to Africa.

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