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Maison Mbosso Skaters of Africa Luxury M
Maison Mbosso Skaters of Africa Luxury M

Tailor-made Menswear

Maison Mbosso is a tailor-made African Menswear brand; we offer luxurious contemporary authentic African clothes to the African and Diasporan man.


The brand was created from the founder’s own experience and continual identity search as part of her final year project in 2019. It is an ode to her younger self, a love letter to her culture and traditions, and a real determined investigation of a different fashion.

Our authenticity comes through our long-term partnerships with incredibly talented African artisans as well as our collaborations with African and Diasporan creatives.


Maison Mbosso is all about slow, authentic and kinder fashion, that cares about its people and that tells a story of traditional crafts.


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Maison Mbosso Skaters of Africa Luxury M


It's all about fashion industry, sustainability and Africa !

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