Maison Mbosso Skaters of Africa Luxury M
Maison Mbosso Skaters of Africa Luxury M

Tailor-made Menswear

Maison Mbosso is a small contemporary African brand. It has been founded by Christèle Mbosso for her final year project and graduate collection in 2019.

Our aim is to represent the African man by designing functional collections inspired by the African culture and traditional African garments, through a contemporary and sustainable lens. We try our best to support talented artisans of African through the use of their ethical fabrics and dyes, sustainable trims and traditional crafts.

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Brown City Maison Mbosso undyed organic

Brown City

Skaters of Africa Maison Mbosso African

Skaters of Africa


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Maison Mbosso Skaters of Africa Luxury M


It's all about fashion industry, sustainability and Africa !

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